Erasmus IN

Hi you, dear new or future student of polytechnic at the ULB!

Here you are on the website of the BEP (Bureau des étudiants de Polytechnique : Board of Students of Polytechnique). It’s a student association that has for goal to help students of the faculty during their studies (selling of corrections of exercises, help to contact other students, link between students and teachers, place to play cards, drink and eat, ...)

There are two other important student associations in our faculty :

  • BEST (Board of European Student in Technologies) : This European student organisation has a local group in our university. It provides the opportunity to follow one or two weeks of lectures abroad, to meet European students, to travel, to have awesome parties, to develop your soft skills, ...
  • CP (Cercle Polytechnique ) : They organise a lot of parties and events that are really really typical of our university all along the year!

You can find the official informations about Erasmus program of our university there

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at !!

His task is to help the Érasmus IN to find their marks in our faculty, to tell them where they can find the informations they need, where are the good places to party, and to organise sometimes some activities for the Érasmus!

Hoping to see you!